About The Site

Founder: Mouza
Domain: Ben-Whishaw.Net
Site Name: Ben Whishaw Fan
Online Since: February 01, 2020
Contact: eMail Site

Who is managing the website?
My name is Mouza, fangirl at heart. Reader & writer who doesn’t take life too seriously. Ashley & Jasper are two friends who done wonders while I was trying to get the site up and helped me so much with finding some missing projects and sorting.

Why did you create the site?
To show my support for Ben & his career.

What’s the first thing you saw Ben in?
The first thing I remember that brought me down the rabbit hall with Ben was in Skyfall. He was such a refreshing addition to a franchise I’ve been a huge fan of forever. While working on the website I watched most of the projects he’s in and fell in love with Freddie the most.