2001 – My Brother Tom

Directed by: Dom Rotheroe
Written by: Dom Rotheroe, Alison Beeton-Hilder
Produced by: Carl Schoenfeld
Production year: 2000
Original release: November 16, 2001 (United Kingdom)
Running time: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Other cast: Jenna Harrison, Honeysuckle Weeks
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Tom (Ben Whishaw), a teenager who is the frequent target of bullies, retreats into the woods to escape the pain of the outside world. There he meets another teen, Jessica (Jenna Harrison), who is in an awful emotional state after being raped by her neighbor, Jack (Adrian Rawlins), who works locally as a schoolteacher. Together, she and Tom build a fantasy world that serves as their refuge — but when one of them starts trying to break away, it’s clear that their bond is difficult to break.