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Magazine and Press Articles from 2016


January 09 FILM REVIEW ONLINE London Spy – Star Ben Whishaw on the dark ‘Alice in Wonderland’
March 4 NY TIMES Ben Whishaw Makes Himself at Home in New York
March 16 BACKSTAGE Remember Ben Whishaw’s Name
March 17 NY TIMES Ben Whishaw on His Surprisingly Modern ‘Crucible’ Role
March 21 USA TODAY Saoirse Ronan, Ben Whishaw clash, with nuance, in Arthur Miller’s ‘Crucible’
March 28 HUFFPOST Interview: Ben Whishaw, Staring into Miller’s Crucible
March 31 VOGUE Saoirse Ronan and Ben Whishaw Bring New Dimension to The Crucible
March 31 WNYC Tavi Gevinson + Ben Whishaw
April 3 THE GUARDIAN ‘I’m not damaged’: Ben Whishaw on sexuality, privacy and playing troubled heroes
April 4 GQ Ben Whishaw Brings New Energy, Great Hair to The Crucible
April 16 NY POST Ben Whishaw thinks Daniel Craig will return as James Bond
May 13 NY1 Ben Whishaw and Saoirse Ronan Make Broadway Debuts in ‘The Crucible’ Revival
May 16 PLAYBILL Toil and Trouble: Ben Whishaw Finds Himself in Hot Water in The Crucible
May 23 NYTG Interview with Ben Whishaw & Sophie Okonedo
May 17 VULTURE A Day With Ben Whishaw, From Diner Coffee to Onstage Scars
July 8 ROLLING STONE Ben Whishaw on Brexit, Beards and Life After ‘The Crucible’

Magazine and Press Articles from 2015

April 20 i-D mermaids, muses, and magic with tim walker
May 11 OBSERVER Consider ‘The Lobster’: A Q&A With Ben Whishaw
October 20 THE BIG ISSUE Ben Whishaw: “I see no difference between me and anyone else”
October 23 INDEPENDENT Ben Whishaw: Spectre actors talks Q, avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic
October 28 RED When Red Met Ben Whishaw
November 3 BBC London Spy A gripping, contemporary, emotional thriller for BBC Two
November 5 THE GUARDIAN Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent on London Spy
November 15 ESQUIRE Ben Whishaw: “If I Had A Career Plan, It’d Stop Feeling Like An Adventure”
November 20 RADIO TIMES Ben Whishaw on London Spy, the madness of Spectre and why he’s done with acting young
December 26 TIME OUT interview: Ben Whishaw

Magazine and Press Articles from 2014

August 6 TIME OUT Ben Whishaw interview: ‘The bear is very physical’

Magazine and Press Articles from 2013

April 8 TIME OUT Ben Whishaw interview: ‘Yeah, I still get nervous’

Magazine and Press Articles from 2006

June 19 TIME OUT Ben Whishaw: Interview