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Offline Gallery + Updates Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to apologize for the gallery being offline, I’ve been working on “fixing” our gallery to bring you guys the most incredible and high quality pictures as possible. I know it’s been a while but I’m almost (I mean it) done with it. Also we’re gonna have some super updates that’ll be coming soon, stay tuned!

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Hello and welcome to Ben Whishaw Network (, your newest and ultimate online resource for actor Ben Whishaw. You may recognize him as Q in the last 007 movies ‘Spectre’ and ‘Skyfall’, and the voice of adorable bear Paddington in the movie Paddington and upcoming Paddinton 2, he also will be the adult version of Michel Banks in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, an sequel from the original 1964’s movie. We aim to provide you all the latest news, images, fan media and more – on everything Ben Whishaw related. I’m still working on the site and gallery to get it even more complete, but feel free to browse around.Be sure to follow @bwhishawnet for keeping update. Well, thanks for visiting, if you have suggestions or whatever, please, comment here, everything will be more than appreciated. Keep visiting the site to take a look to the updates.